Moniba - Water, Purifier, Water Purifier
U.V. Water Purifier ABS / Deluxe

Moniba U.V.Water Purifier is aesthetically designed to suit decors of modern kitchen. It Purifies water in four stages. It consists of a micron pre-filter and a maintenance-free U.V.Sterilizer. Pre-filter removes all physical impurities from the water as well a unwanted colour and odour. And U.V Sterilizer distroys all disease-causing bacteria. The purifier is built with imported U.V.Lamp and polymer tube for trouble-free operation. Purification rate is 2 Ltr./Minute.
No need of Annual Maintenance Contract for Moniba Purifier saves Rs. 600/- annualy. Also Available in Stainless steel


Homes, Offices, Clinics, Restaurants etc.

U.V.Top Small Wonder

This is uniquely designed U.V. Water Purifier. It is compact, Portable and economical. No plumbing work is involved. It consists of multi-layer filter which removes physical impurities from the water. Then water is treated with controlled U.V. Rays doses, which destroy disease - causing bacteria. The purification rate is 1 Ltr. / Minute. This is a patented product.

Homes, Offices, Clinics, Restaurant etc.
U.V. Storage Purifier (No Need of Tap Water Supply)

No need of tap water supply. water can be poured from top.


Stainless steel tank. Painted from outside.

Available in various storage capacities

Built with imported U.V. Lamp

U.V. Lamp is installed at the bottom to ensure 100% purification of water.

Filter candle is provided at the bottom of the tank to remove suspended particles from the water

100% bacteria free water from first drop to last drop.

Online Purifier cum Cooler 'N' Heater

Moniba Purifier cum Cooler 'n' Heater gives you cold or hot water instantly you can also make tea in no time. Cooler is provided with two taps for cold and plain water. Heater is provided with two taps for hot and cold water. Incoming water is first purified in four stages and then instantly cooled or heated.

Offices, Restaurant, Fast Food Joints, Schools, Hospitals, Clubs, etc.
Industrial U.V. Water Purifier

Moniba Industrial U.V. Water Purifiers are designed so as to get U.V. radiation in all directions i.e.360°. This results in maximum utilisation of U.V. rays intensity and performance of the system is at the best. Polymer tubings having non-stick properties prevent scale-formation and eliminates frequent maintenance of water chamber. Available in range of 25 LPM to 3000 LPM.

Hotels, Factories, Pharmaceutical industry, Food Processing industry and Mass consumption application.